Walking in my backyard.

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Is been said many times, you don't have to travel halfway around the world to capture beauty. I'm a firm believer, in the locally image, but I would like to travel too, I it will happen sometime soon. But as an exercise I do try to stay within a certain distance from my home and this is an example. It is a mere 500 yards from my Front door. I have always thought it should be something that all photographers do, explore your local area, find the beauty close by and do your best with it. 

A Carpet of YellowA Carpet of YellowI did a little wandering in a wood that is just behind my house. Autumn is such a beautiful time and sadly so short here.

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To that end over the last three weeks I have kept with in 30 km of my home. I have done my very best to remain within those constraints. Luckily I have a friend has completely untouched piece of land, and they're kind enough to loan me a quad too wander. These few images are an example of just that type of work. 

Natural PatternsNatural PatternsDrew May Photography

I've always had a love of trees the patterns they create and how they seem to find willy-nilly ways of expressing their own position. Everybody takes a photograph that involves a direct shot straight up through the trees toward the sky, I wanted to try something a little different. I'm always trying to do something little different. 

The Valley Of the Pembina RiverThe Valley Of the Pembina RiverI have been here a few times but this time i wanted to come fully prepared and equipped with the big "guns". 27 image Pano makes up this image and done with a TSE 90mm f2.8 makes the detail massive. as well as the finished print.

No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.

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Spending a little but of time and this friend of mines farmyard I went back to the places I have been to before. I went there first six years ago with an Olympus E-3, And upon inspection of those images with the eyes that I have now, developed from many years of playing with digital, I truly understand why I switched to Canon. The detail is about 10 times what was before and it is truly a sharp Image now. A lot of that has to do with very expensive Tilt-Shift lenses but I don't know where I would be without them now, that I have fallen in love with them. 


I am now attempting to get a greater amount of exposure, not only because it's needed, but because I am truly distracted and dismayed with the consistent state of photographs that involve people. I'm afraid this is going to get to be a little bit of a rant but please forgive me. The present expectations of those clients today this extensively higher than it used to be. Not only in the quality of the image though they don't understand what that truly means, but in was extensive competition in the fields that I aspire to. I truly love weddings, I love photographing them, And being part of a very special day but the absolute disenchantment, [for lack of a better word] with paying and appropriate amount of money for the work that is involved by somebody who takes great care is waning. There are many sites filled with photographers that are willing to photograph a wedding for peanuts makes it difficult to quantify my work. Don't get me wrong I don't mind competition, but competition has to be intelligent. It will come back to the way it was I'm sure in time, but until that time I will restrict my wedding, portrait, and family photography to a bare minimum. I will pursue my first and greatest love, which is landscape photography. To me there is nothing greater than being able to wander a forest, walk up the mountain trail and behold the beauty that is nature. And that's why this website is dedicated to landscape  photography, and let other website, Which needs a large amount of work to bring it up to date, remain in place. If you want to check it out Head on over to www.drewmayphoto.ca Love to see you there but most important support this one because if I have my way, this one's going to be the one that carries on. 


Keep on shooting Will talk to you later 



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