Further introductions. And lets play in the snow.

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Welcome back!

MovementMovementStanding by a little northern Alberta lake just as winter looses it's grip, capturing movement in the clouds.

All fine Art Landscape and other images are available as art prints in collections and as limited edition signed copies. All canvas prints are all limited edition and signed.

No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.

My latest lens is a TS-e 17mm F4L and I have falling in love with it. it just suits my style to a tee. :) full explanation of this image is coming in a further blog.



Firstly I just noticed I forgot to add the links so here they are;

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As I said before I am not going to get hugely technical. Mostly because I am not that type and another reason, for sure there is the internet troll who spends hours reading information and opinion. The troll spends no time actually using the equipment, or they spend all their time making every thing technically perfect that they have no actual connection with a subject. They have strong opinions about gear, some are clearly correct but it is only technically correct, where is the feeling, the warmth, the art, lost in a string of toys and geekdom. 


To often I have seen portrait photographers that spend half of their time setting up, making sure this light or that light is at the perfect place at the perfect power, missing that opportunity to connect. For me I would rather spend time with my subject, getting to know them, making a connection. I find that a “model” that is more friend and less a client I get far more opportunities often to grab a piece of their soul the twinkle in the eye, the unguarded emotion. But that being said I am a landscape photographer trying to steer away from the the direct work with people. I will always return to photographing people from time to time but I must remain on course. :)


So what am I saying here?

I am not going to spend hours testing lenses on charts and comparing the findings and condemning a lens because it is slightly less sharp than lens "b". I was taught to work with the tools I had and as long as they are good tools make them sing, work with in their limits. Heighten their strong suits and learn how to avoid or use their week points.  Photography is the study of light not the study of this gear or that gear, please get off that train it's not a good place to be. It's a boring place filled with angry selfish egotists who think their work has meaning and emotion. And their camera are the best in the world, and that have no problem being the first to tell you that at every opportunity. 


Just so you know a little of my back ground, I have had a camera in my hand since {and I don’t want to make me sound old or greater than I am} the late 60’s. I have shot professionally, sport, fashion, portraits, weddings, events, commercial and on and on. I really hate making a big deal of my abilities or my experiences so I won't. Just understand every one has some experience and all of it has some value don't belittle mine and I won't tell every one just how much of a sell important little dweeb you are. cool?  


Nothing brings me more pleasure than chasing that lightning shower, or sitting on the edge of a mountain stream. I made the decision last year that I should pursue my first love, I will be happier and the finished product will show. It is early times yet but things are moving far faster than before and I am sure the fact I love the path is having a major effect.


So for the next few weeks I will spend some time on the gear and the reason I picked it. I am not going to get heavily into any of the stats. I will be a personal feeling of the quality and value of the lens or body, doodad, what ever I choose. So sit back check in form time to time read up on my reasons for certain things. you can even comment, I guarantee I will ignore you as soon as you get to technical and or to aggressive. 


Oh I am Canon for my DSLR’s and they rock!! I will tell you why! I love my little Fuji X100LE and I still have a Olympus XA for film, and a Canonet [in a boxing in bits, I am the greatest repair person in the world ... not, far to easily distracted}. I am sure there are all sorts of extra camera about, in fact now that I think of it I know of at least three more. To me cameras are tools so I don’t keep and become attached to cameras like some do, for me as soon as a camera has little value in my work it usually finds a new home or a box in the closet or garage. 


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