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The day before I went on my Day trip I wandered about locally at a lake just a few minutes from my Home. There are times when I feel there is little to photography near my home and some times I fall into that trap. most times I have been able to fight that with remembering my inspiration,Ansel Adams worked most near his home for most of his life. Granted his home was one of the most beautiful places on earth, mine is far from it but I think it does pretty well. :)

Sunset RaysSunset RaysOne of those moments when you wish you had a high resolution Camera :)

All fine Art Landscape and other images are available as art prints in collections and as limited edition signed copies. All canvas prints are all limited edition and signed.

No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.


As this is a relatively new blog and as I can't figure out how to migrate my older one here, I will have to populate this one. I was thinking on being a technical blog, spending hours providing you with my testing and opinions about gear, but that is not my style. for sure I will give you opinions about some of my gear. I am sure some of you might find it helpful. 


So welcome and I hope you enjoy. If you have the time feel free to leave me a message a comment I would be happy to chat. Feel free also to fallow me on 500px  

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Love to see you there 


Cheers to all!!



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