Waiting for open water and Green trees.

May 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Right now it is so brown out side the grass is turning but there are mostly batches of brown. Spring is here and I can't wait after a long winter I look forward to the end of snow and return to life in all its glory. With spring come my favourite part ... moving water. One of my obsessions! I can't get enough of water thundering or trickling by. 

Rocks and WaterRocks and WaterThe Bighorn River Alberta Canada just before Cressent Falls, at dusk.

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To me even storms represent moving water the lightning and rain are all part of some ingrained part of my inner-self.  

This year I am set to chase a few storms I am waiting for the stormy season. So be prepared there be lightning a coming! :)

As always I will be returning to the mountains my other spiritual home. If you are a reader you would have seen that I spent some time in Jasper National Park. I have a thing for day trips driving 1000Km's doesn't seam to bother me I get home after a long day tired but very happy. 

I just finished this image and I thought i would talk about it a bit.

Columbia Ice Fields captured with 12 images. I have this interest lately for Pano's. I am not completely geared up for them but I keep shooting them and playing with Photoshop to create the final product. It is truly amazing how far the editing programs have come in 10 years, but I see a new piece of gear in my future. I Pano head for the tripod is becoming a good possibility from what I have seen in my own work it would be a good thing to add a little more accuracy in the creation of the image. 

Well that is all for tonight 

Have a good one and we will talk again, and feel free to comment maybe there is some thing that you would like to here my opinions on or maybe a little more info on an image. 




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