David Thompson County the day trip

June 22, 2014  •  1 Comment

So last Wednesday I took a day trip to one of the most beautiful places in the Providence of Alberta. As I found a wonderful little shortcut knocked off good 40 minutes for my drive it makes it possible for me to travel there more often. It is one of my favorite locations in Alberta, but the long drive deterred me, but the shortcut has cured that. 


This time I was able to go down and meet with a friend who is able to show me parts of this area that had never known existed. I have to say it was quite interesting to find something that I didn’t know in the area, an even better to be able to photograph. It was a sunny clear Alberta day, without a cloud in the sky. It wasn’t until later in the day the clouds rolled in and provided some beautiful light. 


 Starting the day, we spent time finding moving water, one of my happiest subjects, and learning how to hike once again. I truly have realized that I am out of shape, and need to walk a lot more than I have been. Looks like this summer might be some health nut or health kick, in plan. Can’t say that would be bad that I will forever hate to give up pizza, And most importantly chicken wings.:-)


Today I’m only going to give you A couple of photographs to look at, this way I leave myself open to add a little bit more as I go along. I noticed that some people’s blogs are quite short usually just a single sentence at a picture, I would like to provide you a little more than just that. 


So let’s get this blog going with the very first photograph, which is actually pretty close to the last one I shot that day. Just as the sun was starting to slip behind the mountains and yes the mountains in Banff National Park, Which we are not that far away from. Colours started to show through, I thought it’s time to be A little old-fashioned and increase the saturation. I saw this image much like I would’ve got with one of my favorite films of the day, Kodachrome 25 ASA. I truly loved that film, I was sad to see it go he would’ve been the only film to keep me shooting film. I loved the fact that it was slow and almost grain free, I loved the fact that it slowed me down, And it was truly a beautifully saturated film. 


So with this image the sun has just dropped a little been behind the mountains, as you can see the shadows, and at the base of the tree that’s in the foreground, you can see a blaze of red that existed in the rock. There’s no question I will have to return to this location and explore it a little more, I might even take the entire day, just to get something interesting. The trees are truly interesting here, they are twisted and weathered from the wind, which is a constant feature in this valley. The exposed wood of these trees has so much texture is truly inspiring just on it’s own.


So first image I call “A View across the north Saskatchewan”. The original image that was taken, was shot purposely a little flat, Because I was going to edited in Lightroom and add to the saturation, So would look much like Kodachrome in the day. So I wanted it to be as neutral as possible so I could bring it to the visual that I saw.




The next image is if you have a small waterfall near the beginning of the reservoir. It is truly a seasonal waterfall, so if you don’t get there soon you’ll have to wait till next year to see it in action. I decided that it was a good idea to try out the new Lee ”Big stopper” 10 stop filter, to get the wispy water effect that we landscape photographers so prize. 

A little fallsA little fallsA little gem in David Thompson County Alberta, Canada.

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So that’s all for today as I continue to edit the remainder from my little excursion into David Thompson County, I am sure to add a few more for your enjoyment of those might be the short Little blurbs.:-) 



Keep your cameras Humming!! 



Coinoath Sarsfield(non-registered)
The results on the water fall are incredible. Having been to this spot many times, it gives me a smile to know that you have captured it so beautifully. I now see it in a different light. Outstanding job!
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