Elk Island and a little country wanderings

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Hello hello I’m back again. 


Couple weeks back I and a friend hopped into the single car and drove east of Edmonton. Donning our cameras and having just the simple good time wondering about the fields and farms and starting out in a national park, we have just outside of our city. 

To me there’s nothing quite like just wondering camera in hand, without any great plan, and seeing what this great wonderful world has to offer. We started out traveling directly to the national Park of Elk Island. 



A little history, Elk Island National Park is a relatively small park. With it interesting history, mostly it is famous for one great beast, the plains bison. There are both types of bison here, the plains bison which is short and stout, And the wood bison which is tall and quite thin. Many people just come for the bison and little else. It’s quite sad actually because this park is quite a gem of flora and fauna that has rarely seen the hand of man. For me that alone makes it worth a visit. 


The park primarily is a forest of Aspen Parkland loaded with many different animals moose deer and elk is and many many different kinds of birds. Three little gems of lakes that are primarily accessible by road, and many other little pothole lakes, some are unfortunately are quite dry. So be warned, the map may say there is a lake, but I can assure you it may not be there. By far my  greatest interest in this park is simply, untouched land. I always harking back and I thinking, whenever I’m in this park, what it must’ve been like for the pioneers to come here and see the vast amount of trees that cover this land. The amount of work that must’ve been simply daunting to my mind.


I’ve included the link to this park you have a chance visit take your day and enjoy.



As we arrived in the park got there too early in the day about noon, and the sun was not providing us the greatest light. So we left the park and wandered around the country going to exciting hotspots like Woking, and Star. I’ve traveled these roads many many times in my quest for the ultimate church image. So I was able to kind of take a backseat show my friend location and locations that I have photographed at. But we still found interesting spots that stood out and begged to be photographed uniquely. 

Last moments of FireLast moments of FireNo modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.

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The Last LightThe Last LightStanding almost 120m for the official shore of a Aberta lake just as the sun takes it last breath.

No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.

I will post a few images from the park in the next couple of days i have been little bit busy on other projects but I promise you well see some interesting stuff from the National Park stayed tuned enjoy and will talk to you later. 


Have a great day cheers!


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