It's been a while time to catch up!

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Well hello folks;


It's been a while since I've done a blog. I decided to take a little break from social media, And I'm afraid it extended to my website as well I promise I won't let that happen to often. So tonight's little blog will be more of a reality of catching up going through a few images that I've taken in the last couple of weeks. Doing a short blurb on what happened and making every effort to continue to do these on a weekly basis at the very least. 


Where do I start: 

Well to start with I got a new lens! Yes it is a Canon and I'm sorry to my Nikon readers. The new lens well, it is another tilt shift it is TSE 90 mm F2 .8 I have to say blisteringly sharp. Don't know how much I'm going to use it but to be honest with you I can see it being used lots for intimate portraiture and intimate landscape. It will make a fantastic portrait lens, and the ability to select focus beyond all other lenses I doubt will be beatable. Now to actually find the model worthy to get me away from landscapes.

The fields Play with the light.The fields Play with the light.No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.


The last little while I have going on a fair number of little trip's, I've got enough photo walk with a bunch of nerd geeky friends. Spent some time in the eastern slopes during a rainstorm wandered about the country A number of times and tried out my new 90 mm as well as the further adventures with TSE 17 mm F4L. One more TSE lenses and I will have the whole family, As long as Canon add a new one. :-) I have to say they really do slow me down and this is always a good thing but with the rain or dusty situations not a good thing. 

I just noticed in actuality, it's been a month since I last bloged. And that is too far too long. Mostly it's the blog after so much time has passed kind of makes a long drawn out thing. And I can have some difficulty not being long-winded. 


So let's get started I'm bound to miss a few things. But in time I'm sure I'll catch up as I am as I go along, I keep coming back and re-editing the same set of files over and over again. So let's just jump in on the trip I took with a friend of mine, Ian, as he and I traveled south and took him to the place I have gone to now four times. It's the roundhouse the abandoned one, At Big Valley Alberta. To me it looks like a modern Stonehenge really got some interesting shapes. And I truly think it is a haunted place. I kind of hoped that there was far more stuff left around like tools and stuff but, there's only a very limited number of things to photograph in that way, beyond the grand landscape. But I'm sure if you spent a lot of time there you would find little things that would interest you. So far I've only been there a total of 10 hours I need more time. :-)


We did some extra wandering about in the Drumheller area and got some interesting shots of some old buildings and some sweeping landscapes. I got a print sale out of it, so that's not too bad. Made me happy to actually created image that brought back some memories. I hope the new owner Will enjoy it the rest of their lives. 

Spent some time wandering about in the country as well and spent a little time on the eastern slopes, and Jasper National Park. 

Just a short note on the quality of the lenses that I've bought in the last little while, the TSE 17 mm and the TSC 90 mm. These lenses are built to very very high-quality. I said I would give you a little short snippets on the 17mm as I go through the summer, I have to say, it's become one of my favourites in more ways than one. It hasn't replaced my TSE 24 mm, but it's definitely being used and it is incredibly sharp. As far as the tilting aspect is concerned, being so wide it is almost unnecessary, I have to be honest. But I'm sure it will be found of value in the future as I start to use it more for the intimate landscape. Now the 90 mm is way beyond what I expected. It is incredibly sharp, It's build quality is truly "L" Quality. I am not sure why Canon didn't give it a red ring, but it deserves it. More of that later!


So this is getting a little bit too long-winded even for me. It seems redundant to carry-on and give you every step-by-step action over the last month, All-in-one blog, So what I'm going to do is give you little short snippets from here on. 



Nice to be back, and I promise I'll keep this up a little more often. 

Cheers all!


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