Wandering the Painted Valley

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Okay I'm back doing a few things the last little while. I even got a wedding to shoot for next summer, the couple are very pleasant people, And I am looking forward to the day. In fact yesterday I was out doing an engagement photo shoot, which are the things I offer for free add-on to all my weddings. To be honest it's good for me I get to know the couple. 


But as this is a Landscape blog, we can't spend too much time with people that would be just wrong.  :-) 


Last Thursday I and a friend wandered the northern part of Alberta, well not the extreme northern part of Alberta, just North of Edmonton. So for the adventure let's get started. At first we started to move towards north west of Edmonton close to where I live, but as I was wandering around with my friend, I just wasn't inspired. So on a whim, I pointed my car East and headed for A road I haven't driven for 30 years. And just let me get this out right now, I'm a fool for not going there more often. I headed for a small town called Rochester, I remembered it as being the centre roughly, of the Tawatinaw Valley. And to be straight here this is one of the most beautiful valleys that exist in this province and I just haven't visited enough. Over the next few months that's going to change. 


So it the initial run over to the valley I found myself coming to a quick halt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the most glorious light striking a harvested field. Quickly turned around and headed back to the spot that I saw this light, Unfortunately as I got there the light went dead and it just wasn't good enough. Crossing my fingers and hoping the best, I waited a few moments put the camera on a tripod, Like always, mounted my TSE 90 mm F2 .8 and waited. I was awarded this image and I think the gods. There is very little processing of this image. The white balance was set to “cloudy day” in Lightroom, crank up the contrast a touch. Added a touch of clarity did my normal shadows highlight work, which I do with every Image that I do. I found I have a dusty sensor, that will be rectified before the next trip, removed those little spots, and added I hint of Vignette, done! I could never be accused as a person that over processes, I hate spending hours in Photoshop.   :-)

Stubble and the CloudsStubble and the CloudsWhile driving around i recognized this lovely light across a harvested field, had to screech to a stop and return to the location.

Another form of the gods light.

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So off to the next photograph, which is the valley in question, it represents 18 stitched together images in Photoshop to create this picture. And let me tell you it was/is a large image. Not a tremendous amount of processing pretty much standard fair for me, and most of it done in Lightroom to finish it off. 

Day 1Day 1Butchering


The last image is in the town of the valley gets its name. I don't know what the domination of the church is, I'm assuming it's Ukrainian Catholic. Unfortunately without a sign to confirm it, or priest, I have to leave it as a question mark. And as far as the processing is concerned I'm going to do a blog just on how I do my black-and-white process. Because it's pretty much the same for every image but it doesn't really change much. 

So this week I have planned at least two ”Photo wanders" one for sure into the David Thompson County just to catch the colours and maybe a short excursion in to Banff National Park, so stay tuned for next weeks blog. I might just add this blog to Google as well just to increase the audience. 


Keep shooting Will talk to you next week! 



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