Mayerthorpe and it's giant

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Hey gang how are you doing?!


The other day, actually couple weeks ago. I was sitting at home watching little bit of television and my eye caught a flash in the window. Up like a shot I thought i was to catch the next next lightning storm but I wasn't quick enough! The storm has left me in the dust and was to far away to chase after in the failing light, so i thought to stay close to home and catch an absolutely stunning light show.

Mother Natures Gift_20150829-_MAY3615Mother Natures Gift_20150829-_MAY3615I went out today after seeing a flash in the sky. I did not get the "lightning" shot, but mother nature gave me a few gifts. :)


As I traveled to the outside edge of town I was greeted by this wonderful Rainbow. I took as a consolation prize for not be able to catch the storm. I decided to stay in town and capture the light that was presenting itself. I've been constantly attempting to catch good light on this elevator to no avail, but this day it was completely different. Remember that Rainbow? :)

Warmth after the RainWarmth after the Rain©

I've been trying to capture good warm light, this day it was more than warm. I was able to wander around the grain elevator just as the sun was going down just as the storm was clearing the sky. It was providence, a gift from the gods, A very happy time.

Spectacular SunsetSpectacular SunsetAfter four days of smole in the sky, the sky opened up rained and cleared just in time for the sun to provide a beautiful sky!


I decided to frame this photograph with a rails leading off into the distance and just enough light on the facing wall so you could make out which town it is in. This in the end becomes a celebration of this building that has for the last few years truly been looking pretty rough. I found out this summer that someone had actually purchased this building and was restoring it to it's previous glory. This only prompted me to make extra effort to Catch a good photograph and I was presented with fantastic light. I have talked to the owner and brace your self for some interesting images coming. :) That’s all I am going to say right now.

The Sky was Alive _20150829-_MAY3637The Sky was Alive _20150829-_MAY3637To those storms that come before sunset and clear just before the sun slips beneath the horizon, it say thanks!!


With this photograph I wanted to catch part of town and the glorious reds and oranges that were in the sky, it was a wonderful night. If only the weather could do this every Sunset I would be a very happy man.


I just thought I should mention if you're ever interested in finding out what the camera settings are for any particular image all one has to do is hover your mouse over the right hand side of the image. Right or you'll get all the information under the "I button" you know the one right next to the little button shaped like a heart that says you like to photograph.  :) 


Talk to you next week;




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