Playing with timelines and trying my best to keep being the landscape guy.

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Hey gang!!

No I haven't left you all hanging, I've been working, Just not in the world of nature and light. I have been shooting the world of local sports for my local newspaper. It is very interesting doing something completely different from landscapes. it's all about making the bills go away, something that never really happens. Isn't modern life grand? 

Well, shooting sports is not really new to me, I have done it for the paper before, a couple of times. Even bigger papers than this local one. I don't really know why I always end up shooting sports, but I'm not complaining at all. it was really cool to have an assignment to complete, and a timeframe do have it done by. It lights a fire under my butt, and makes me see different things, this is always a good.

Today I did get away for a short time, Seeing as the sun was out and afterwards seems like weeks in endless days I've known distinctive lame ass they could be called a sky period I have to admit, would that kind of sky depresses me quite profoundly. I have to admit that as well its very hard for me to find inspiration in the flat grey mass. Today was special, the Sun had burned the clouds away, and presented a blue sky.

I only spent a couple hours wandering, I kept within 10 miles of my home, to be honest, I forgot to fill the gas tank. In keeping with the project that I started out last year I kept within that 10th miles from my home. 

Being that it is winter here in Alberta, and for the last few days, we been covered in humid fog that is not very common here. Ice has gathered on the trees making them look surreal, and strikingly beautiful. Almost makes a guy like winter, well visually anyway. To be honest I love winter, but the pain in my toes, and a searing burning in my fingertips makes one grasp just how wonderful winter can be without the proper clothing.

Trail GlowTrail GlowThe "Glow in the Snow" as sunset approaches. In this latitude in the winter time the Sun is almost always at that "perfect" angle, but just as the sun finishes for the day, after an all to short appearance, is the very best light. All warm and yet it is a cold -12C


So the first Image is all about the snow on the trail, And the lovely glowing orange light just before the sun dips beneath the horizon. period sunsets up north comes early and take a long time to happen. One could say they are rather leisurely, and give you a enough time to set up and move about. I've been in this forest before and I knew it would look very cool with all the snow and ice so I had to return.

Standing ApartStanding ApartDrew May Photography

Here is an example of that "lazy" sunset and I thought it would look very interesting to photograph with my 400 mm, to gain some compression on the image. For some reason I cannot explain, I decided to use F16, to increase my depth of field, which is of course redundant with a 400mm. But my mind doesn't work that way at times. Even with all the training and experience, my creative brain still tells me that I can achieve something that is totally impossible. But that is the technical running into the creative and at times they don't mesh.

The life of a landscape photographer continues, and as always, I love it!

Enjoy your winter, enjoy your Christmas, Hanukkah Or what ever you celebrate. I wish you all the best keep reading, I will be back.

Cheers, keep shooting,



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