A Short Wander in Banff

April 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I went to place, I haven't been to in a very long while. I visited a friend in Canmore I thought that it would be kind of cool to go wonder in a I have been too in long time. I went back to Banff, It's been almost 8years since I've been there. I've always been somewhat put off by the large crowds in the commercialism of the town. The park is always kind of crowded this summer, that's what happens when you become very popular. Well I can say that doesn't apply to the backcountry of the park in general, going there in the winter time means there's very few people there at all. I spent two days wandering around, first day with my friend and the second by myself.


The first day was more spending time with a friend and enjoying just being with him. Got some very good photographs from the day and to be quite honest with you the day was absolutely beautiful. Clear sunny day the very few clouds, and to be honest a little cold. Day two was a different event altogether. I decided to go home in a different way, the long way home.


I wandered straight into Banff itself passed by the towns, Banff, and Lake Louise, headed straight up Highway 93. I thought I would go visit some other places that many people visit, and get the common photographs that everyone does. I always understand the desire for some people to get photographs of the places they've visited, and record your holiday any way possible, there's no insult to that. But for me, I have to get something different, it is who I am.

Above Hector Lake {Blanck and White}Above Hector Lake {Blanck and White}Drew May Photography


As the first day was sunny and beautiful, The second day was still beautiful there was a lovely full clouds. It seemed as if the mountains we're tearing the clouds apart, or the clouds are trying to envelop the peaks. I saw black and white in almost every image and I decided to record to suit that reality. So what you'll see here's a few images from that day, the second day. They're definitely has to be a time I return and spend a day or two, or week, an experienced Banff once again.

Signing off, Spring is coming, and the cameras are ready to click.

Cheers! See you next time, keep smiling, keep shooting!


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