One full year with Canons' TSE17 mm F4L, and a little bit about the other tilts I have.

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Well it's been a year I have owned a 17 mm tilt shift lens had to be quite honest with you I love it. Since I purchased a 17 mm I also went out and got a TS E 90 mm F2.8, to complement my family of Tilt-Shifts. And Canon really should put a "L" after this one. Will get back to that, I want to spend most my time on the 17 mm and just how much I've used it the last little while.

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I will admit it's been somewhat of a learning curve not only because it is an ultra wide. But also because It's an ultra wide tilt shift it's going to take me a little while to get it worked out in my head. And I've taken a lot of images using it, but Not quite enough to fully get every aspect of this lens. What I have taken with it I have got nothing but spectacular results! This is a fantastic lens, supremely well-built, wonderfully sharp, with only the slightest softness in the edges. To be honest with you being a superwide and having slightly soft edges that's not too much to ask. It is expensive that is for sure but for me I don't mind. To be honest with you I think if I got a 45mm in the tool chest I think my kit would be complete, i would not need any other lenses. The only question I would have how are they going to hold up against the new 5DSR which I have decided to put off ordering, for now. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Right now I have TSE 17mm F4L, a TSE 24 mm F3.5L, and to round off the family TES E 90 mm F2 .8.The 90 mm I am using it for all lot of Panoramic's, it is wonderfully sharp and just as well-built as both a 17 and 24 mm. The only problem is the tilt and shift are on the opposite Plain until change it manually by removing the four screws that hold the mount on, and giving it a 90° twist. That's exactly what I did after the first two days of owning it. The greatest debate is whether I should get the 45 mm F2 .8 or wait for the new, [Canon has alluded to a rumor that they were retooling the 45 and 90 mm] it's a difficult decision. And it definitely will lighten my load of gear to carry with only four lenses that I would use. I have found it quite nice to actually manual focus as well, but it's clear the viewfinder is not designed for manual focus. But useing live view works well and that solves that problem.

20140725-IMG_044920140725-IMG_0449 I have read lots of people complaining, that because the front element, filters were out of the question. In fact Lee had come up with a wonderful way of making it work with their system. It does vignette when you shift the lens around 6 mm or more. And it's much worse if you put their polarizing filter on, or stack more than one filter. But it does work and it does allow graduated filters to be used, and it's not so big.


This is the system mounted directly on my TSE 24 mm F 3.5L. I really like this system, all in all. Just received a hard edge grad a week or so ago, just in time for summer in the lovely light we get here.


Stay tuned for the next report I have much more work to do with this lens and I have a new one being added to the next month or so.



Cheers and keep shooting:



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