Why I Picked a Canon 7D to be my "point and shoot."

July 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Why I Picked a Canon 7D to be my "point and shoot."Why I Picked a Canon 7D to be my "point and shoot."Drew May Photography


Some people explore small cameras to be their point shoots. And some people know that I been struggling to make the decision what camera I would like to have always with me. I've tried Fuji, and I've tried a smaller Canons, but as I was sitting here thinking about selling a 7D, I thought what a fantastic point-and-shoot. Add the EF-S 24mm F2.8 pancake and what a combo! Yes it is a little heavy, but it's fully controllable, it's exceedingly tough, and it goes forever on one battery. The resolution is fantastic and it blows the doors off of a 1 inch sensor camera. 


Would I be able to use a lot of these images for printing, you bet! Say hello to the old out of date 7D, cheaper and much better than any point and shoot. Does it have wifi well no, can my cell phone control it, i couldn't care less about that, I have a camera in my face not my phone! 


I can say for the first time since I bought this camera….I like my 7D. :)



Drew May Photography
I would have to agree with you about the noise. It is a noisy sensor for the most part but we are becoming spoiled with all the new technology. The camera does make fine large prints knowing what the limitations are and working with in the cameras strong points. I am quite happy up to and including ISO 800 beyond that it is a stretch but way better than any ASA 1600 film.

The 7D is a very good camera and we must remember it is over 5 years old and it was one of the best cameras around in when it came out and it was quite competitive until the 7D Mkii came out. :)
I have a 7D and seem to have a lot of noise in my images at low ISO while taking pics from a wide angle using my 24 70mm 2.8 L II glass. How about you?
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