This gallery is all about my vision without colour. I have always aspired to keep The vision of the black and white image. It is not easy today in the digital world, but it is a quest. I will strive to keep a black and white feel even in a digital world using digital images.

Please feel free if you find a landscape photograph you enjoy to inquire about that limited-edition image.
On the shores of Jasper LakeRocky ShoreMovement in The FieldsSecret locationCrurvesAbandoned Barn in springA Cascade of CloudsBasking in LightBow Lake in WinterAbove Hector Lake {Blanck and White}Frosted {The Old Man of the Canyon}A Dead Forest on the Shores of Abraham LakeThe Valley of the Bighorn RiverMt Peskett at sunsetMoment of Time In Black and WhiteNatural PatternsThe path to Elbe PeakSheer FaceMonocrome PatternsHarvest Sky