Jump no fence;

If only to remain a good example to those around me, I shall not impose an opinion that because I have a camera I should for the sake of a good shot not have to remain behind prepared fences, or walk off prepared trails. 


Break no stick;

Not only to live by my preset belief of the "leave no trace" movement, but to take it further. Photographers have a tendency to remove "pokies", grass or other distractions from their compositions in destructive ways. I shale "break no stick"! There are measures that can be taken to remove such distractions and I shall utilize what ever method needed to leave no trace. 


Bother no living thing;

As much as I adore the wilds, I am but a visitor and I shall create no stress toward any animal or damage any food stuff, for the sake of an image. To further this, I shall educate not only myself but those around me to make this possible. 


Remain a good steward;

The wilds are places of danger and wonder. I must be willing to provide my experience and utilize my preparations to protect less well prepared.


Bite my tongue;

I personally do not agree with certain actions that are common place today, I shall not impose my opinion. Photography has enough human drama that I have no reason to contribute to the distraction from creation of images. 


This is a living document there will be a new additions as time moves on!