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What do we see in the reflection, do we see ourselves, or do we see the beauty that is nature.

My quest with this gallery Is to show you the beauty that is nature reflected in the water for you to enjoy. I am always enjoyed landscape photography it is my dream to continue and hopefully you will enjoy the images that you will see.
Refection on Desjarlais Lake_20160826-_MAY5592Why I Picked a Canon 7D to be my "point and shoot."Narrow RefectionsRefections Of FallRock lake Moods__MAY6007Tranquility ___MAY5992The Sky Reflecting on The PembinaThe  Last rays of a Summers DayLessard Lake SunsetA winter RefectionGlowing on a Green LakeEvening CalmThe Last RefectionRefections of the SkyThe last ShowA Pyramids RefectionRefectionAfter a Summer StormSummers SunsetThe Last Moments of Light