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Some people have seen I like the large Panoramic and after a lot of thought I decided to create a gallery dedicated to just those images. Please contact me directly if you would like a print of any of these images, some are very large and I am limiting severely the number of images available.
Cardiinal Divide__MAY5955-PanoMy Big BendPath to Nowhere__20150606-_MAY9208-PanoA Blazing night sky__20150809-_MAY1837Another Damn Sunset :)The Archthe Last Light at Saunders LakeWhitecourt Mountain scraping the SkyThe FieldGlowing on a Green LakeThe full Sweep Of Mt. MumfordAt the Edge of Kooteney PlainsMt. MumfordWaiparous Valley in the RainThe Valley of the PembinaScraping the SkyDalbert Lake at SunsetIce Fog on Chip LakeThe Road to HeavenChickacoo Lake in Bloom