Drew May Photography | Eastern Slopes

Fractured__20170219-_MAY9457On the shores of Abraham Lake_On the shores of Abraham Lake_20160917-_MAY6737Cliffs__20160917-_MAY6526Ram River Falls Upclose __20160910-_MAY6102Sunset On Abraham __20160917-_MAY674488 seconds next to Ram River Falls__20160910-_MAY6057Dancing Light On Cadomin Mountain__20160817-_MAY5021-PanoConfluence_20160826-_MAY5426-PanoA Flooded Pathway__20160826-_MAY5599-Pano_Mount William Booth_20150125-_MAY6685Cardiinal Divide__MAY5955-PanoOver the Divide___MAY5971Lines in the DustMt. Michener after Ice.The Cline River at SunsetAutumn on the Kootenwy PlainsPath to Elbe PeakWaiparous Valley in the RainI love Rain!Looking Accross The North Saskatchewan