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As the mountain parks in Alberta have environmental zones next to their borders, the images in this gallery are taken right on the edge of either of the mountain parks.
Touching the Clouds  Drew May PhotoCascades of Light in Waterton  Drew May PhotoMount Blaine on Snow  Drew May PhotoUpper Kananaskis Lake  Drew May PhotoGap Mountain  Drew May PhotoRefection of the Gap  Drew May PhotoA Spray Valley Refection  Drew May PhotoHighwood Pass  Drew May PhotoSheep River Falls   Drew May PhotoCat Falls  Drew May PhotoMount Blane cr.  Drew May PhotoPaint  Drew May PhotoMount Birdwood   Drew May PhotoWelcome to Waterton Lakes National Park  Drew May PhotoDrew May PhotoWarm Start  Drew May PhotoFractured__20170219-_MAY9457On the shores of Abraham Lake_On the shores of Abraham Lake_20160917-_MAY6737Cliffs__20160917-_MAY6526Ram River Falls Upclose __20160910-_MAY6102