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Second most iconic part it all of Canada is Jasper national Park. Edit being the closest park to me this is where I spend the large amount of my time. I hope you enjoy the images that I captured in this most beautiful location.
A Light Painting  Drew May PhotoViolet - Drew May Photo20170925_MAY2390-Edit-EditGlorious__Drew May Photo20170925_MAY2366-PanoA Pyramid Covered in Snow_20161230-_MAY8704Moments__20160928-_MAY7070-HDRMoment__20161006-_MAY7178-HDRSliver_20160928-_MAY7090-HDRMedicine Lake _20160820-_MAY5207Intimate TangleAlpine StreamLower Tangle FallsAthabasca Falls Classic viewRainbow in RefectionRays from Pyramid MountainTangle River Falls in SummerTangle Falls in the SnowTrees will Grow any PlaceA winter RefectionMt Edith CavelMount Peskitt