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This gallery is all about my vision without colour. I have always aspired to keep The vision of the black and white image. It is not easy today in the digital world, but it is a quest. I will strive to keep a black and white feel even in a digital world using digital images.

Please feel free if you find a landscape photograph you enjoy to inquire about that limited-edition image.
Mt. Kitchener  Drew May PhotoMt. Lowell and Clouds  Drew May PhotoMt. Lowell  Drew May PhotoPatricia's Refelection  Drew May PhotoMoraine Lake  Drew May PhotoOld Wonder Falls BW - 20160928-_MAY6976-EditLayers - Drew May Photo20170610_MAY0286-EditCline River in Black and WhiteThe Loneliest RoadGame Trail_Jasper landscaapes-32460-Edit__MG_0322On the shores of Jasper LakeRocky ShoreMovement in The FieldsSecret locationCrurvesAbandoned Barn in springA Cascade of CloudsBasking in Light