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This gallery is all about my vision without colour. I have always aspired to keep The vision of the black and white image. It is not easy today in the digital world, but it is a quest. I will strive to keep a black and white feel even in a digital world using digital images.

Please feel free if you find a landscape photograph you enjoy to inquire about that limited-edition image.
Mt. Kitchener  Drew May PhotoMt. Lowell and Clouds  Drew May PhotoMt. Lowell  Drew May PhotoPatricia's Refelection  Drew May PhotoMoraine Lake  Drew May PhotoLayers  Drew May PhotoOld Wonder Falls BW - 20160928-_MAY6976-EditLayers - Drew May Photo20170610_MAY0286-EditCline River in Black and WhiteThe Loneliest RoadGame Trail_Jasper landscaapes-32460-Edit__MG_0322On the shores of Jasper LakeRocky ShoreMovement in The FieldsSecret locationCrurvesAbandoned Barn in springA Cascade of Clouds