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I have been working on the images with in a defined circle around my home. The circle is approximately 25 km ± A few. This all came about after I remembered my own self saying "that there was nothing nearby to photograph", I decided that I have to start looking again.

This has opened my eyes once again and brought on a refreshed view of my home.
Drew May Photo-3Drew May PhotoDrew May Photo-4Drew May Photo-5The Mist RisesBlood Moon Over MayerthorpeGreencourt Trail [colour]A Extraordinary Yellow DayThe end of a Trestle 3The end of a Trestle 4The end of a TrestleThe end of a Testle 2Paddle River TrestleUnder the TrestleMayerthorpe TresstleThe Sky was Alive _20150829-_MAY3637Mother Natures Gift_20150829-_MAY3615Drying Grain__20150907-_MAY3690Lines of Harvest_20150907-_MAY3691A Field of Gold