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lightning and the Elevator _20150724-_MAY1425

lightning and the Elevator _20150724-_MAY1425

In the summer of 2014 I had been struggling to get one decent lightning storm photograph. I had got a new lightning trigger and I was concerned I had tossed my money away in a hope for an improved bit of kit. I had gone though three months with very little to show for it. The frustration was rampant In my mind. I had never had so much difficulty in years past.

Image is the conclusion of a day that was simply spectacular. In one 3 hour period I got so many wonderful images that even this day I am editing an image or two a month and adding them to my portfolio. It also marked the end of the drought for the remainder of the year my inspiration and luck had returned.

This image was taken at the foot of one of the grain elevators in Barrhead Alberta, and though I did not get the pleasure of seeing a lightning strike it had provided the lovely light that filled this image.