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Homecoming_Copy 1__20160906-_7D_3793-Pano

Homecoming_Copy 1__20160906-_7D_3793-Pano

What is so common or I should say, what was so common, in all little rural places out west in rural Canada we're images like this. For all the years that I've lived in the rural world, That vision of those elevators, or any elevators, in the distance where the final revelation that you're finally home. It fills your heart with confidence and warmth, i am sure city folk will never understand.

This little place is called Meeting Creek one could say it's very small, one could say teetering I'm ghost town status, with only 20 remaining residents. The town sits in the valley of the river of the same name in Camrose County. Just one more of the many small little towns that just hang on with their existence. This town is spent a lot of effort preserving their heritage and My hat is off to them for continuing to do so.

Little on the technical side: damages comprised approximately 20 separate images with a Canon 7D, Sporting the 70-200 F4 IS [shot a 70 mm]. The exposure selected it's 1/800 sec, F 8.0, ISO of 100 no added filters but loads and loads of time in front of a computer.