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A Dreams Of Trees A project.

May 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well hello again. 



This post I will introduce one of the two projects I have an motion. 


I dream of trees. The other one I’ll announce later.


I am always loved trees don’t know why, I always seem to point my camera towards them and find something beautiful. I admire the way they stand, where they stand, what they stand up to. I love the age they represent, their stability and the colors they provide. One of those things that remain common, a constant never fluctuating always growing, until man intervenes. How they’ve seen the world’s history. How they have done nothing but good this world. They give us of the air we breathe, the clean the filth we expel into the atmosphere. They hurt no one, they can provide homes to wildlife, man. When man reaches for his creative spirit, the beauty would can be easily seen.


In Alberta the variety of trees I had to choose from is not extreme. I live in a region of the boreal forest, a vast swath of geography. Huge forests of Spruce, Fur, and Tamarack in the northern regions. Mirrored by vast areas of Aspen, Popular and from time to time Birch in quite secluded valleys away from the tough winters we have the pleasure enduring, in the south.


I said don’t make special trips to capture just trees, they just seem to fall in front of me, in my adventures to capture pretty places. Always looked and longed for that single lone tree out in the field or exposed in a lake but I have not had the pleasure. One day it’ll happen I have no doubt. 


So I have taken a compilation of images and I am going to present them as an actual project. Over the next few months I’m going to continue to view and look for trees. I’m going to attempt to view creativity, and capture the feeling I have for those long-lived beautiful pieces of life we hold dear on this planet.

Relections of DeathRelections of DeathThe consequence of the work of our fury friends the Beaver. Large tracks of land flooded out by the need of the beaver to make a den for the winter to rase his family. I will return to this area in 5 years and you will see the difference in the location. ReincarnationReincarnationCame on this last summer and I just found the files I guess i down loaded some images and had little time to edit them. Natures MonolthNatures MonolthAs I stand in the middle of a frozen swamp the light just starting to fade i am struck by a solitary tree that remains defiant.

So I hope to see you I hope you enjoy what I am going to present in the gallery and hopefully in a real gallery with real prints, we will see. 


Thanks for reading we'll see you soon!


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