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Seasons first lightning

June 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Hello how are you today?? 

Today’s blog is going to be about a little adventure I had this last weekend.


The day started out with me prepping for a dance troupe shoot in a club. Yeah I shoot other things besides landscape’s. I have shot many different types of photography but I’ve always been attached and drawn to Landscape. I got to the club way too early, so I decided to wander just spend a little time with the camera not shoot anything specific. But I really didn’t get anything that I was very happy with so we won’t go into that group, but it was nice to launder alone in the quiet. 


The dance number that I was photographing was relatively short, so I was thinking this great I’m going to be able to get home relatively early, and get some editing done. But I was in for a surprise as I was going home I saw a couple flashes in the sky, and I knew what that meant. So quickly as I could I start to move towards location that I hand in my mind, I’ve been there a few times, and we landscape photographers like to return the places over and over again. I must say I drove rather quickly but we must take chances from time to time and what better way to go in the quest for your art.  


I drove to A small town called Alberta beach, it’s more of a summer village, then a established Town, but I’m sure the locals would disagree. The place can get very rowdy in the summertime and thankfully it’s very early in the summer so not many people are there at this time of the season. I drove directly to the pier, Which is large enough for a card easily drive right to the Waters edge. Quickly setting my camera gear up, hauling my lightning trigger out finding a clear CF card mounting the camera with tripod composing it and setting up my own mind to take the shot. In less than five minutes I was ready to shoot lightning.


The lightning unfortunately was not getting very close to the location that I was standing at so I had to use all little bit longer lens than I normally do. I decided to use my 24-105mm F4L simply because it is fully weather sealed and it would not be affected by any kind of moisture in the air. It wasn’t raining on me, so I wasn’t worried about having to costly white raindrops off the front element.


I bet you’re all wondering why I use a lightning trigger. To be honest it just makes things easier but it allows me to shoot lightning in broad daylight without having to use ND filters. To be honest the greatest advantage to a lightning trigger, is the simple fact that you’re not burning up your shutter activations on your camera, and it only triggers when it actually sees the flash of lightning. And it’s pretty efficient rarely missing any single bolt and using longish shutter speeds, there’s a great chance I’ll catch more than one bolt and that makes for an interesting composition. Not too bad for $150 investment that saves massively of the $3500 investment of my camera. So if you’re thinking of getting one and you’re not a fool that likes to stand under the lightning in the worst possible places, go get one, but please don’t be stupid lightning can kill you.


So that being said I present to you “the gods displeasure”!  :-) the first true lightning photograph I post this season.



You can find all the technical information on any photographs that I take as I don’t remove the metadata in the image information is available so please take the time check it out if you wish and remember my main reason for doing all this isn’t just love to get one of you to enjoy my prints on your wall. 


Have a wonderful day we see you next week.


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