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A little Rainbow

July 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Okay a short little blog today. I was out yesterday wondering about south of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. 

I was watching sky very intently looking for the light to change. The light was quite harsh for the most part but just one hour before as always, mother nature provided me some colour. I felt my little location of the side of the road of all places, you provided me something different from the bland and fields, and farms. 


The land South East of Edmonton is quite swampy lots of little pot lakes, and ponds. It's not horribly flat as well, I'm quite shocked that the Pioneers did not drain the area for farming. maybe the land truly wasn't worth clearing completely but all the better for the birds and we photo types. :)

Ranbow Over a PondRanbow Over a PondWandering south of Edmonton Alberta, one of the many summer showers flys past later in the day.

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The picture you see here, “Rainbow over a Pond” I tracked for a good 45 minutes looking location set up, and for the light to “warm up” a bit. The storm never developed in to any thing serious just a little summer shower with a bit of colour. I tried a hand held panorama as well but learned a a lesson to slow down when I shoot them. It is not as sharp as I like it so that one no one sees :) as a print. 


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