It's been a busy couple of days Time to catch up!

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Well hello gang!

Warwick still Stands ProudWarwick still Stands ProudThe project continues with Warwick elevator. there will be a need to return, with different light. :)




It's been a couple weeks and I have been exceedingly busy it must be autumn. I've been checking out all sorts of different places I shoot at. So I haven't been able to really truly blog in the last little while. So we'll spend a little time and catch up on this one. I have been actively attempting to sell my prints as well as taking images of harvest the colours of autumn. I have also started to teach a small course at the local Library To many jobs to do all at once so something had to give and that was the blog. 


Rainbow in RefectionRainbow in RefectionEarly morning, Jasper National Park, standing on the shores of Jasper Lake. In the far distance light rain create a rainbow which is reflected in the river in front of me.

If this confuses you I'm sorry, It confuses me, This is actually the Athabasca River period it is a wide flat and shallow part of the river in the park. As the river leaves the national park it becomes a very wild river once again.


I spent a little bit of time in Jasper National Park with a friend who did driving gratefully. It's always kind of nice, to be able to look about, when somebody else is driving. It was a long drive comprising of approximately 1200 km. We entered into Jasper just sun was rising so we got some interesting light. There was a light rain storm, creating some interesting patterns in the light. It's rare that I'm able to get into Jasper in the morning, as it is a 3 hour drive from my home. But getting up before 6 o'clock in the morning getting into a car that somebody else's driving, and being able to just sit back, made it so much easier.

Alpine StreamAlpine StreamThis stream is fed by the Columbia Ice Fields. I was amazed by the colour in this valley.

Lower Tangle FallsLower Tangle FallsDecided for the first time in a long time to wander down to the lower Tangle Creek Falls. I haven't been there in a long time and it is just as pretty as always.

If you ever go to Tangle Falls, in Jasper NP, take an hour and walk the other way from the crowds. Be careful the walk is a little steep but the view is worth the trip and best of all, I bet you will be completely alone. ;)


After I got back from Jasper I continued my project to capture images locally that is where the harvest came in. With harvest of course comes all the colours that come with autumn. That makes me feel like a dog hanging outside a moving car window barking at every squirrel that goes by. Harvest hasn't completely finished but it's pretty darn close. The light of autumn I always find to be so wonderful. I find to be warm and clear, and the haze is at its minimum. This makes the Skies clear and crisp. I could say I love autumn far more summer, but of all the seasons in northern Alberta this was the shortest, and the hardest on a landscape photographer. 

On the shores of Jasper LakeOn the shores of Jasper LakeWandering up the shore of Jasper lake one morning I came upon an interesting half buried tree and I had to stop.

I have no idea why they call this part of the Athabasca River "Jasper Lake" it is certainly wide enough, but it acts like a river in every way :)


With all this running about camera in hand and with the portfolio as well, I discovered a river that I am going continue To photograph. It wasn't a large leap for me, I have been thinking about it for quite a while now. But I'll post a photograph today and tell you it's the..... Pembina River.


The Pembina has quite a long course and goes from an extremely wild River in the mountains, to a placid reflective and slow old meandering river. Before it fades into the Athabasca river which heads north to join other rivers to the Arctic Ocean. I am not going to go up to the Arctic Ocean, at least not this month, but I will do some work on the tributaries that feed the great Mackenzie River.

The Sky Reflecting on The PembinaThe Sky Reflecting on The PembinaStanding on one of the many bridges over the Pembina River as tha sun sets. The final "blaze" before the "blue hour" that last like 15 minutes this time of year. :)

If you haven't figured it out, the sun is setting to the far off right, The lesson here; turn your head when the sun goes down or rises you might see more colour opposite of what is in front of you.


I also have been doing a little bit of Farm photography and a few photographs for the latest auroras but before I post Auroras or the farm photographs, I'm going to give myself a reason to put another blog, out for you. 


So that's a quick catch-up, we'll talk to you again very soon keep shooting.




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