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So summer begins!

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Now that it is summer, it's time for Drew to do some storm chasing. I will see if I can find as many lighting showers as I possibly can, and spend sometime capturing them. I've tried repeatedly this last month and it's not been very successful. Simple fact at this website does not have any photos posted, is the testament to the fact I haven't had a lot of luck this summer. The quest will continue!

Just a quick note before I go on;

I will be selling prints at the Stoney Plain Art Walk on Canada Day, I would love to meet more of my supporters!


Summers SunsetSummers SunsetDrew May Photography

There's also little update on the lens selection within Drew May Photography. The last couple of weeks.... okay months, I picked up a 400 mm F5 .6L and be honest with you it's wonderful and sharp. Its main task is going to be for birds, and wild animals, okay and landscapes. I also was able to pick up a 16-35mm F2.8L Mkii, it hasn't left my camera much at all, since the day I picked it up. I have to say I'm very fond of it. I also picked up after selling a couple of lenses a 70-200mm F4L, and I have to say that is a beautiful lenses well. I knew I had to round out my equipment for two basic tasks, one being landscapes which is where the tilt shift lens will reside. The other Group of lenses being more orientated toward wild life and general purpose photography that's where the sealed and zoom lenses will sing. I could almost say honestly I think I've got the whole kit and I will not need any extras. This summer is going to be interesting. 

Rays from Pyramid MountainRays from Pyramid MountainPyramid Mountain has always been one of those magical places in Jasper National Park. Crystal clear Lake, a beautiful peak, and besr of all, few crowds. Every one that vists the mountain Parks should take a trip up to this location. :)

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I was seriously considering purchasing Canon's 5DSR, This year, But decided against it. This year is going to be about making enough money to survive. And to that end I will be doing a fair number of local art shows and venturing into a few ideas that I have two increase my income. Canon 5D SR would have been very interesting but for now, I still have a great attachment to my 5D Mark III it's a beautiful camera and to be honest I don't need much bigger in the megapixel wars.

Lightning across the Prairie.Lightning across the Prairie.Copyright: www.drewmayphoto.ca

So far I've done quite a few excursions, mostly just to wander for the sake of wandering, but I've been able to catch some beautiful reflections. I have returned to many of the places I have been before, as normal. I looked at them in a completely different way thanks to the 16-35 F2.8L Mkii. This doesn't mean that by tilt shift lens's are going to remain in the bag forever! It's a new lens and I have to use it to to get used to it. So with the storm season in full swing 16-35 is going to be a great advantage simply because it is the weather sealed. I don't have a lot of weather sealed lenses, I know I needed to correct that this year, I have done so.

Movement in The FieldsMovement in The FieldsA field is wipped up just before the sky's open.

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So the summer begins, sadly it is horribly short, and so much needs to be done, In such a short space of time. But I must have some adventure but I must make the effort travel To locations within this province but I haven't been to and oh so very long. There are few places within the province of Alberta that I haven't been to. I have seeing this 60th parallel and I've seen the American border but almost everything in between but there're always little corners, Little looks and crannies, that can create some beauty, And that is my job as a photographer, because I call myself a fine art landscape photographer. It sounds awfully pretentious I know but in the last year and a half since I decided to center my entire Direction to landscape photography, I have noticed a massive difference and how people perceive me. For anyone is just starting out, It's very important to understand your equipment and all the aspects of photography itself before you decide which direction you're going to go into. But From my own experience I have found identifying what you would like to do, Is far more important than just being a general photographer. Bed To be totally honest, I would rather do landscape photography then anything else!

After a Summer StormAfter a Summer StormToday a strong storm blew across Alberta, and after a storm I always find beautiful light. It's like Mother Nature asking forgiveness for such anger.

For me the colours are so intense it is a must shoot. So out to the Paddle Reservoir and stand by the shore and wait for the light. Tonight was beautiful!

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This summer get your cameras out Endure the heat, swat a few mosquitoes, and enjoy this summer!

Happy shooting!



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