Drew May Photography | Adventures with the new car!

Adventures with the new car!

July 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

Hi I'm starting to blog again.


Some of you know those of you that have access to my Instagram account, but I purchased a new car last month. And I took it upon myself to record I A few images of this car as a proceed to wander this province. As I always do, I have chosen to name this car Lilly, so say hello to Lilly!

Km 400Km 400The new car and the first real trip....okay it was the bank but what the hell.

You can do that in the comments I'd love to hear from you!

Km 2300 at the Rochefort Bridge Over LookKm 2300 at the Rochefort Bridge Over Look Lilly and the Rainbow km 3640Lilly and the Rainbow km 3640Km 3540 Lilly and me wandering about chasing rainbows. :)

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Sangudo Valley Km2575Sangudo Valley Km2575© www.drewmayphotography.com IMG_0015IMG_0015 IMG_0016IMG_0016

This one was with Lilly at my side!

A Extraordinary Yellow DayA Extraordinary Yellow DayDrew May Photography

I will be posting a photograph from time to time and linking it to a photograph that I took at the location at The photograph of Lilly was taken. So watch out here comes Lilly my little red Chevy Cruz my partner in crime in my photographic journey.



Hi Drew I read your blog and it is great. You took the time to post things on here about your travels & you make it look & sound like I as right there with you!

Great job!
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