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Hey gang!


What you haven't figured out by now I have been rather busy the last few months, It's really kind of a personal nature suffice to say, I've been caring for my Mom the last few months, years actually. My mother has finally decided to go into care, it clearly was not the easiest decision she has ever made, but it is for the best, for both of us. The last couple of weeks have been a bit of flurry of driving about and checking out places I haven't been to in years. I almost feel like a man freed, well you don't need to here more Enough of that! 


In the past two weeks I have travelled to Jasper, Grande Cache, Cadomin, the back country north-east of Edmonton and far north west of my town about an hour and a half. I been shooting every other day and I have filled up my files the last part of August in a outbreak of activity. 


A we a bit of the technical; I have restarted to use my EOS 24-105mm F4L lens once again. Have had quite the hiatus from using it. I have been unhappy with it’s softness, and that has bothered me out of proportions. I feel I have been a little sensitive of sharp using my tilts and my 16-35mm f2.8 Mkii, they are very sharp, especially compared to the 24-105. I have done a bunch of calibrations it still remains a little soft but I love the range of this lens, it is just about perfect! 


The range is so good if a very sharp weather sealed lens could be got it would be a one lens solution for a lot of things. Using the copy I have tends to add a little dreamy flavour to a certain images here and there. I will not be re-placing it until I have enough funds, well that will mean I have to sell a few prints, or get a few commissions.  The push is on, and I have loads of free time, so now it comes time to sell my work and very enthusiastically.


The first thing on the mind is the need of a sharp “50” the main reason for breaking out the 24-105. I still spend lots of time feeling the 35mm is to wide, and the 70mm is to tight. For my eye much of my vision is happy at 40mm to 60mm, I thought the 24-105mm would fill that spot, but sadly them damn tilts and there sharpness, contrast, colour….. :) Then I got that EF-s 24mm F2.8 for the 7D and so much happiness came over me I decided to keep the 7d, convincing me the next lens has to be a “50”. 


My first major trip was me just basically driving in a direction. I wanted to drive down a paved road that I had seen in the backcountry I wanted to see what came up at the end. That brought me into the small town of Cadomin after an hour or so of a gravel road after the end of that lovely paved road. I also crossed my favourite river in the province the Pembina. I'm still working on the photographs I'll post those later.

Medicine Lake _20160820-_MAY5207Medicine Lake _20160820-_MAY5207I spent a little time at Medicine Lake during my much needed wamder in Jasper National Park. I had to check out the area that was on fire last year to see what kind of recovery has taken place, the area still makes me breathless!


Running away from people brings me to one of my "happy spots" in Jasper


My Second major trip in the last two weeks, was in to Jasper National Park, and on to Mount Robson provincial park in British Columbia. I forgot just how busy Jasper and the parks get on a Summer weekend, I won't soon forget that! In the next couple of weeks Autumn shall be falling in Jasper, and the colour should be outstanding and as I was not there last year, so this year is a must.

A Flooded Pathway__20160826-_MAY5599-PanoA Flooded Pathway__20160826-_MAY5599-PanoOn Desjarlais Lake in Pierre Greys Lakes Provincial Park there is a picnic area on a small peninsula. But with that so much rain this year the path to this area has been flooded out the good foot of water.
It is has been well over 30 years since I've been at this location and is just as beautiful as it always has been. I shall return!


A few days after Jasper I took the drive up to a place that I haven't been to in over 30 years. I remember it as being one of those really beautiful places in this province, that few really know, my memory serves me well, it still is. These two images were taken one north of town and the other south of town. The next few weeks I'm going to be a very busy man capturing is much colour as I possibly can. However the next few weeks I'm going to post photographs here and there as I and my new traveling companion, Lilly the Bright Red Chevy Cruze wander about this province.  

Confluence_20160826-_MAY5426-PanoConfluence_20160826-_MAY5426-PanoI spent a few hours in Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area checking out a viewpoint which I haven't seen from many years. Today's shot as a panoramic made up of 12 separate images to create the slight sweet every beautiful location period

Below you see the Smoky River glorious in its mineral green and the confluence of the Sulphur River with its muddy brown colour mingle under the high cliffs and peaks the make up this valley. If you ever get a chance to come to Grande Cashe take the time and visit this recreation area.


I got to come back here in the Fall, just think of the colours!!

Refection on Desjarlais Lake_20160826-_MAY5592Refection on Desjarlais Lake_20160826-_MAY5592Refection on Desjarlais Lake

A few days ago I spent the time wandering into my past, I went into Piers Greys Lakes provincial Park. The day was rainy and grey but it made Desjarlais Lake absolutely calm. The water was like a mirror and it reflected the most beautiful sunset hidden behind the clouds.


The lake was just so much glass!!!


I'm going to continue to try to add To the blog on a regular basis from here on, life is settling. I think it is time for an update on a few of the lenses that I purchased. It is time for me also to voice a few opinions about that horrible conundrum of which camera is best for me going forward. The camera geeks out there know Canon has released its latest addition to the 5D series of cameras and as the 5d it is my go to camera for the work that I do a few thought wouldn't hurt. There has been a lot of opinion spewing about lately and few have a copy of the camera. I still very much adore my mark three and I will never surrender that one for quite a few more years. 


Well this is a catch-up and it's amazingly Sunday this is the day I am supposed to be posting these blogs for you to enjoy. I have been a bad photographer. :)


We will talk to you next week, keep shooting!!!






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