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Well hello guys!


I thought he'd do a short little blog on my panoramic work!


If you don't know because you don't see it very often, I don't post panoramas on Instagram and rarely do I post them on Facebook. That's because they just don't work there! Instagram is such a small image it's almost not worth looking at. So to that end I thought “heck” let's do a blog and post a link to my website.


I'll be quite honest with you right up front a panoramic should really be seen on paper in front of you on the wall! But next best thing is right in front of you on digital media. So I'm just going to put a couple up here do a short little explanation how they were captured where they were captured and roughly how many images it took to create the image. Understand also that some of these files are absolutely huge! Downloading one would take minutes sometimes longer but because it's through my website you can see them quickly.

The Fence  Drew May PhotoThe Fence Drew May PhotoNo modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.


First image I call it “The Fence” I captured on Hwy 22 South of Calgary; it was cold, it was a little windy, but my trusty 5D mark 3 soldiers on without an issue. There are 31 images in total making a very large image. This image is well into 96 meg, on printed paper it would be a total of 96 inches wide. But of course, it can always be printed smaller.

A Little Bit of Colour  Drew May PhotoA Little Bit of Colour Drew May Photo©

The next image is called “a little bit of colour”. this image was shot near central Alberta on a lake called Brazeau. The lake is man-made just up front and be honest. It is very dark when the image was shot, each shot is 1/3 of a second in length and there are six shots, photographed by my mighty Canon 5DSR. It is believe this or not, still 77 inches wide and represents 85 meg, the pleasures of a 50 megapixel camera.

Natures Looking Glass  Drew May PhotoNatures Looking Glass Drew May PhotoEvenings in the Summer in north Central Alberta should always be spent beside a lake as the sunsets. With luck you will enjoy absolute calm and the day surrenders to night. The sky will relinquish the day only have one last gasp of light and slip away.


Now we come to one of my absolute favourites “nature's looking glass”. This image was photographed in a location that is of no consequence whatsoever, it's just a lake near my home. The light was gorgeous and the reflection was astounding, that made this image sing! There's a dreamy quality to it I truly love it and it is one of my more popular photographs! Now here comes the specs, it is a mere 47 inches in length it isn't very big and it's only 36 Meg in size. It only took 4 images to create, this one's all about timing!

Reflected RaysReflected RaysDrew May Photography Now we come to second from last this image "Reflected Rays", was created truly by technical reality. This image was created without panning the camera but "shifting" the lens. It was shot with a tilt shift lens, a Canon TSE 24mm F3.5L Mkii To be exact. When I create with this lens there is almost no cropping needed, as well there is little to no distortion at all. The image isn't very large, this time it is all the camera, the trusty Canon 5D mkiii with it's 22meg lens. Again it was another calm day with beautiful light. To create this image I took only three pictures one shifted extreme left, one extreme right, and then with the lens centred. It comes out to almost the same size as the image above but because there's no distortion the cropping is far less!

Homecoming_Copy 1__20160906-_7D_3793-PanoHomecoming_Copy 1__20160906-_7D_3793-PanoWhat is so common or I should say, what was so common, in all little rural places out west in rural Canada we're images like this. For all the years that I've lived in the rural world, That vision of those elevators, or any elevators, in the distance where the final revelation that you're finally home. It fills your heart with confidence and warmth, i am sure city folk will never understand.

This little place is called Meeting Creek one could say it's very small, one could say teetering I'm ghost town status, with only 20 remaining residents. The town sits in the valley of the river of the same name in Camrose County. Just one more of the many small little towns that just hang on with their existence. This town is spent a lot of effort preserving their heritage and My hat is off to them for continuing to do so.

Little on the technical side: damages comprised approximately 20 separate images with a Canon 7D, Sporting the 70-200 F4 IS [shot a 70 mm]. The exposure selected it's 1/800 sec, F 8.0, ISO of 100 no added filters but loads and loads of time in front of a computer.


And now for the truly massive one! Its title is “Homecoming”. I photographed this one when I had an Canon 7D APS C camera, I wasn't overly impressed by the camera, but it was a good camera. You could say I've become somewhat of a snob when it comes to full frame cameras, but you wouldn't be completely correct, but you wouldn't be completely wrong either. The image is comprised of 36 separate images, there's three banks of 12 images, 12 to the top 12 to the middle and 12 to the bottom. All photographed with a 200-millimeter lens from a fair amount of distance. It created an extremely detailed image that is excruciatingly large. Final size of this image is 108 inches in length and a mind bendingly large 145 megapixels. Imagine if I where to photograph the same image with my Canon 5DSr at 50 meg each image as opposed to the 7D's 18 meg, it would almost three times the size. Ummmm a project in the works...


What can be said for panoramic images is that they can get incredibly large, and it will tax your computer to edit them. I have had images as large as 8 to 10 gigabytes in size which slows the computer down no matter what. But I'm a landscape photographer and I have patience. What also can be said, is I truly enjoy taking panoramas! I haven't printed very many, I would like to print very many more but that is truly up to you as the simple cost is prohibitive for my simple pleasure. If you find one that you like please don't hesitate to ask I can always resize it to your requirements and I would be more than pleased to print it.


So with that being said the little lesson that I've given you in the size of some panoramas, I hope you enjoy the blog I'm going to do my utter best to continue posting on a regular basis at least once every other week because I do have other things to do in life. Beyond that I will end in the same way as I have always ended well actually since the last one…LOL

Shut up and shoot! And don't forget to print it!

Cheers all



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