Closing off 2016

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Hello everyone!

It's been a while, that life thing has a wonderful effect on getting things done. I can assure you of the last few months have been interesting. late in the year I have been traveling quite extensively around the Alberta. 

Refection on Desjarlais Lake_20160826-_MAY5592Refection on Desjarlais Lake_20160826-_MAY5592Refection on Desjarlais Lake

A few days ago I spent the time wandering into my past, I went into Piers Greys Lakes provincial Park. The day was rainy and grey but it made Desjarlais Lake absolutely calm. The water was like a mirror and it reflected the most beautiful sunset hidden behind the clouds.

One of my new favourite spots Piers Grey Provincial Park

Some of you might remember that I got a new car in the early summer, and I named her Lilly. [ya two “l’s”] To date I have traveled just over 26,000 km and very pleasing Drive. Lily is an absolutely fantastic automobile, and exceedingly easy on fuel. I cannot recommend enough, Chevrolet Cruz 2016 as being a wonderful choice and I am very happy that I made it. I will continue to document her and my travels for some time to come.  Enough about a car!

Lilly at KM 5205Lilly at KM 5205© Lilly after a bath next to my happy place :)

The travels took off in the last few months of summer, after my mother agreed to go into care, thus relieving me to explore. Almost immediately I drove to Cadomin, a small coal mining town on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. After that I went to further north along the same mountain chain, to the small town called Grande Cache. It is been almost 30 years since I've been there and I will inform you it was wonderful, I definitely will be going back!

Dancing Light On Cadomin Mountain__20160817-_MAY5021-PanoDancing Light On Cadomin Mountain__20160817-_MAY5021-PanoAs I left Cadomin, I stoped and looked back at the mountain that held the name of that small community. I witnessed the light dancing across the face of this mountain. How privileged I felt to be a witness of such beauty.

I love my job!!

Dancing Light On Cadomin Mountain

I have traveled to Jasper and northern Banff repeatedly, I have been going up and down the parkway, spending a fair amount of time around the locally named “Big Bend". I have a good friend that played my guide on one occasion. He had showed me a couple of waterfalls I have missed repeatedly. It truly is good to have some local knowledge, or do have friends that Have that knowledge.

Confluence_20160826-_MAY5426-PanoConfluence_20160826-_MAY5426-PanoI spent a few hours in Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area checking out a viewpoint which I haven't seen from many years. Today's shot as a panoramic made up of 12 separate images to create the slight sweet every beautiful location period

Below you see the Smoky River glorious in its mineral green and the confluence of the Sulphur River with its muddy brown colour mingle under the high cliffs and peaks the make up this valley. If you ever get a chance to come to Grande Cashe take the time and visit this recreation area.

the Sulphur Gates near Grande Cashe 

I would have to say my excitement finding waterfalls in this province has increased once again! I find myself searching the maps looking for locations that I haven't gone to, or did not know existed even slightly, so this spring I will have many locations to shoot. This coming summer is going to be very exciting, I have a couple of plans that might add to the excitement in the interest in my work going forward.

Pathway__20160928-_MAY6983Pathway__20160928-_MAY6983Standing on the banks of an unnamed stream with Old Wonder falls at my back, I look into the valley of the North Saskatchewan River and the Icefields Parkway. On the horizon is Cirrus Mountain in a sea of blue, not a single cloud the sky made it a sunny, warm and beautiful autumn's day in Banff national Park.



I have been writing this blog post for last couple of months when I can get around to it. I have had a lot of things on my plate in the last few months. Things now are only going to get better and I have plenty of projects in mind. I'm going to spend more time doing short videos, time lapses and doing a little bit of vlogging, I might even spread a little bit of the knowledge. I will be posting here on the website and Youtube so maybe I can build that subscriber base. :)


Today's blog is more about catching up and hopefully I can retain a continuous stream of work and have something of quality to say every week.


So to start off 2017 I thought I would add a little video that I have been compiling for the last few days as a kind of a showcase of the work that I have done this year. You will notice that the beginning of the video most of the images are local to my home. And as the video goes on those miles that I've added to that little car start make sense.

Best of 2016Some of the best Images this year. This was a majorly changing time for me. So many complete about face moments. This are settling down now and things are moving!! ​​​​​​​

Oh I just so you know, November and December I have been mostly very little work or strictly commercial, We have some snow out here finally. And That gets me excited about the forest once again.


And I've done a few equipment changes, And have a few more in mind. So when I get this new gear idea might be a cool idea to Give you my impressions. I might include them in the vlogg, and include the "wordy" Version in the blog. So many changes in the plans, But a distinct hope for success in this year of 2017.


So let's close it off, I wish you all a very good New Year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support.





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