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Have you ever had a feeling nothing you photograph or have photographed, is all garbage? How about the feeling that the gear you have would be better off in the hands of someone that has an idea how to use it? Or worst of all, you are at a spot you have dreamed about and nothing. You just look and look, and you can't find one thing of interest or any kind of composition! 


I am there!! 


Few things can have a more chilling effect on a creative mind than the reality of modern western life. The continued need for green to keep a roof over ones head. Then there is the realities of humanity. 


I do my very best to keep my personal life somewhat mine, and tell no one what is or has happened. So this is a break form my world of the tough guy and as my creative mind has been so heavily effected. Some of you, my personal friends, know I lost my mother at the end of January. She was not only my mom, but she had been my greatest supporter, friend, confidant . She was the first person that saw any of my completed works. She always was, the first after me, to touch any finished print. 


She kept me in check as well, if she saw something she thought wasn't up to my standards, she was the first person to inform me. I never had to worry, that after my mom saw a print, if she liked it it was worth showing the world. 


For the last couple of years I was my moms only outlet to the outside world. I did care for her more than most would ever think of doing, more than I would expect from my own son. I have never and never will regret the time I spent caring for my mom. 


I will admit it has been very hard on my business, especially the last year. To that end I have had to resurrect my previous life and return to working for the man. My life will be in a complete reset and this web site will see a complete revamp. 


Because I will have fluid funds in the near future I will be moving about doing my very best to recover my lost inspiration. I will also be removing the needless ability to purchase prints form some unknown venders. I will be creating my own prints, so you the buyer will be getting a print from my own work. I hope you find that more attractive and hope you will be more happy with the finished product because of the prints origins. 


I have been happy with and received no complaints about any orders from any of the vendors provided though Zenfolio!! Just has to pass that on!!


I have had wonderful friends that came forward to help me, they will never be forgotten. And I have had a couple of days that made me realize I still had something to say with my work. I am looking forward to the new life, and the direction that is inevitable, I have so many ideas starting to bounce about in the the great cranial void. 


To those that have stuck by me no matter the issue, thank you! 

To those that have wandered away because of the stagnation, I am back I would love to see you here again. 

To those that have left because their attention span is fleeting at best, what can I say ...umm ...I better not! 😂😂😂


Summer has come here in Sunny Alberta, I have weekends off, and I am fully free like I haven't been for years! 

Fractured__20170219-_MAY9457Fractured__20170219-_MAY9457Abraham Lake David Thompson County Alberta Canada, the day before water was all over the lake, today frozen solid. As the “lake” [Abraham is a reservoir] water level drops though the winter, large thick layers of ice is laid down down on the shore.

Please take the time to visit my web site, leave a comment! Prints can be ordered direct from there or custom, limited editions can be ordered by contacting me directly.


This was the only time in the past few months I got out and found some semblance of inspiration. 

I am Getting out and shooting, so should you! 




Drew May (2)(non-registered)
Hi Drew, Iam Drew! .....and a May! I have stumbled apon your world in the past, stupidly didn't read your beautiful words. I am sorry to read of your loss in January. It's a shame more people don't respect and adore their mothers as you do. Or all mothers for that matter! Your words and struggles rang so true for my own life. To be honest, it was like reflecting on my recient closely, but stepped to the third person, as though someone wrote your trials just for me! I wish you well, I feel you will find everything you require soon enough. Chat soon Drew. Drew!
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