The Mark iii gets a new friend.

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I finally did it I got the camera I was waiting for four years!! I know it isn’t the latest highest tech camera, it doesn’t have the best dynamic range, it isn’t the fastest, it’s not the best in low light, but you know I don’t care one bit. It complements my beloved 5D Mkiii perfectly! Yes, I got a Canon 5DSR!! It is going to be the tool I use for the next few years and I will rock it better than most will with their fancy globs of plastic and pot metal.

I have been working it out over the last few weeks. I can tell you in my hand it is a familiar beast. It contents me to have a camera that I don’t have to spend days getting used to. The menu is familiar, it has some nice addons. I love the shutter and It has that 50-meg sensor that will come in handy for the continued pursuit of landscape photography and the quest to print big!

Highwood Pass  Drew May PhotoHighwood Pass Drew May PhotoColours burst forward as the area prepares for the coming season.

I am sure there will be geeky people out there that will doubt my decision.  I am sure there will be people that feel that their idea of what a camera should be is what I should get, and their opinion will prevail in their own mind.  They will harp about dynamic range, but they have never shot slide film.  They will sing about its low light capabilities, but they’ve never shot slide film.  They will identify that there is a higher mega-pixel count camera out there, with better tech stuff, but I don’t see them coming up and donating a large quantity of cash make that purchase possible.

Today we are beset by continuous attacks on the Internet, and the Youtube “experts” that continue to encourage us to spend large quantities of our own money on every new camera that comes on-stream.  There seems to be a new camera every 3 to 6 months, the incremental improvement of the camera you purchased a year ago.  Ask yourself; have you really improved to warrant a new camera? I don’t get into that and neither should you. 

I pick a camera because of comfort in my hand and familiarity of the system. Where the camera fits into my direction in my craft.  Today every camera can take a great picture in the hands of a knowledgeable person.  The most important thing is and has always been the glass!  I would rather spend more money on good lenses and be happy with the camera body I have in hand.  I could care less about the latest trend I want quality, and nobody can tell me what I have purchased is garbage. 

After seven years with my 5D Mkiii, the old girl is getting tired. I have not retired her completely and I never will!  She is far from worn out, she still going to be used for my night work. As I have found uses for my 5D classic with my time-lapse work and as the perfect carry around camera. I waited because of life and the issues I have had to endure over the last 3 years.

We spend too much time in today’s world trying to impress the “joneses”.  Photography has always had its fair number of geeks, and they always have an expert opinion and little understanding.  The funniest part about these “experts” most of them can’t take a photograph to save their life!  Usually the person whose works sucks the most, has the biggest opinion. In the many years doing this art I have never been brow beaten by a true expert, they understand the tool thing.

The moral of this story is, be happy with the tools that you have.  Learn how to use them, become an expert.  When you feel that the camera you have is getting in the way of your creative vision or limiting a part of your process or a business need, then it is time to replace your camera. If you really want one is always a good reason as well. 😊 Embrace your inner camera geek! But learn how to keep your opinions to yourself. 

Upper Kananaskis Lake  Drew May PhotoUpper Kananaskis Lake Drew May Photo5 image Pano makes for a massive file!! Windy cold and long exposures make photography fun! <br/><br/>©

Everyone of us could use a little bit of humility, this is an art form, and art survives in the mind of the artist.  Having to concern ourselves with the attitudes and opinions of other people is of no consequence and no benefit.  As I always say the most important thing to do is; JUST SHUT UP AND SHOOT!

Be happy keep shooting;

Take the time to be kind!




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